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5 Essential Devices In A Smart Home

Smart homes not only make your daily tasks easier but also help you save energy. We will show you the most important devices you should not miss.

The promise of technology making our lives easier is what technology is all about. Smart homes integrate home automation to automate different functions such as security, energy system, and household appliances. Spain has 3% of smart homes that control lighting and 4% have smart thermostats. 7% have video surveillance systems.

Smart devices that simplify your life and help you save money

Amazon Echo. You can use this versatile device to play music, make calls, search the Internet, and turn on the lights using a series voice commands. You can also make Amazon purchases using voice commands and track the status of your shipments. Plus versions include a smart home hub which automatically detects compatible devices and becomes the smart home command centre.

Nest Thermostat E smart thermostat. The thermostat can be connected to your Wi-Fi network via your smartphone. It will allow you to control the temperature remotely and schedule energy-saving schedules. Its sensors not only determine the temperature and humidity, but also check if someone is home to maintain the ideal temperature. To save energy, you can turn on eco mode if no one is home.

IKEA Tradfri smart bulb. This series includes both smart LED panels and light bulbs that can be programmed with leading voice assistants to create a complete ecosystem. They can be controlled with a remote to turn on or off, as well as the color temperature. You can set the lighting to turn on automatically at work or low intensity when you wake up.

Canary. It’s an easy-to manage system that provides home security. The system includes a motion sensor, night vision, accelerometer, temperature and humidity monitors, a microphone, accelerometer, and a motion sensor. You can also activate the siren from your smartphone to activate it at up to 90 decibels. It will also notify you if your internet connection is lost or disconnected. This intelligent system is smart and can learn over time. It also reduces false alarms.

Nest Yale Lock. This smart lock works with Google Assistant. It uses a keyboard to make it forget about your keys. You will need to enter a 4–8 digit access code in order to unlock the door. However, the app can be used as well. It also has an automatic locking function which activates after a set time to lock the door automatically when you’re away from home. Remotely check the status of your lock and lock it. You can also add custom commands to the lock based on your day.


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