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A short while ago I made a decision to start up a tec blog. I intend to make my blog fascinating and informative and where I bring my own aspects and thoughts on things that are technical or technically related.

My name is Joseph Kennedy and welcome to my website about technology and tec related stuff.

I’m a technical marketing consultant and tend to travel around the state with my business. I work with a number of different companies which works really well for me because I love meeting people.

One of the reasons why working with these different companies is that it allows me to take on new challenges that are all different from each other. Ultimately, it means I learn more and it gives me the flexibility in my work life that is important to me.

I live in Savannah, a town in Georgia. I moved here from North Carolina because I had lots of business contacts here, so it made sense to do that.

I was looking for a creative outlet not that long ago, and that’s when I decided to start this blog.

I hope you get a lot out of this site. My focus to ensure this happens is to publish some interesting topics and post about subjects that keep up with ever moving and accelerating with advancement in tec product development.

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