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Backups On Our Devices. Why Should We Do Them

We have data stored on our smartphones and tablets that we use regularly. This information is private and we don’t want to lose it. Did you ever stop to consider what might happen if all of this content was lost? Photographs, documents, videos, notes …

Sometimes the contents of our equipment may be lost or damaged by viruses, malicious users, operating system failures, accidents or carelessness. Backups, also known as backups, allow us to recover all the original information and avoid its final loss.

What can we do to prevent data loss?

Backups are essential because there is a risk of losing data on your tablet or mobile phone. This could be due to damage to the device or memory card or accidental use. They are the most important thing. We cannot ignore the fact that these devices are getting more and more expensive. This means that we have the possibility to swap devices and transfer data between devices.

Backup copies in different formats will allow us restore information from the “old” device to the new one. Many smartphone and tablet owners have had to reset their device to factory settings. This is due to software problems, a malfunction, poor design, forgotten keys, passwords, or other reasons. In either case, our data will be lost. It is important to have backup copies. As you can see, there are risks that must be addressed.

What data are there on the phone?

Most of us have a mobile device or computer that saves our digital lives. These devices store everything from contacts we have in our schedule to text documents to our calendar appointments and our email. They also contain call logs, SMS messages, system configuration data, and other information.

You can see that the amount and quality of information we have on our tablet or mobile is substantial. It also has a high personal and professional importance. Even apps and data can get lost. In a field we consider trivial like games, frustrations are possible. Imagine having to start again from the beginning of Candy Crush. Every application and tool, not only games, may require data storage.

There are two types of memory that can hold all information on mobile devices: external and internal memory. Call logs, SMS messages and applications are all stored in the internal memory. This is similar to traditional computers’ hard drives. Photos and multimedia files are stored in the external memory (which is removable). It is possible to move multiple applications to an external memory card in order save space. However, not all of them can. If the user switches to a new mobile phone, all content on the card will be retained as long as it is not damaged.

What should I put in my backup?

We must remember that backup copies are only created periodically. This means that they can be kept in a limited amount of space. If we have an Apple smartphone at the moment, there is only 5 GB of space in iCloud for backups. While we will be discussing how to create backup copies on Android or IOS systems in future articles, it is recommended that you give photos, videos, and multimedia files a different treatment than other information.

These multimedia files can take up lots of space and grow inexorably as we use them. There are other options than backup, such as external hard drives and cloud storage services.

Contacts, appointments (calendar), emails (associated gmail account), system settings (data form our data server), services, etc. Call log, SMS and/or MMS messages, applications, and data files These are all things we should keep in our mobile device backups.

What is important and what isn’t?

We must consider that backup copies are only created periodically. This means that they can be kept in a limited size.


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