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Geolocation And Its Possible Risks

Geolocation has been a popular term in the new world of Internet and other technologies for a long time. Geolocation simply means to indicate your geographical location (via GPS data) on your mobile terminal in order for you to get a priori information about where you are and where you are going. This aspect is becoming more important as technological giants such Google give it prominence in their search systems. Many social networks include geolocation as a key element to their growth.

Like all things, geolocation comes with its own set of disadvantages and advantages. These advantages will be available to mobile device users, but we need to be aware of the potential risks. Our privacy could be irretrievably compromised in some way.

Mobile apps can tell us where to go. Others will show our location to our friends and users. Some even collect our location so we have useful information about the environment. However, as users, we need to be aware of the potential dangers that this implies that we can always be traced and located.

Many apps on our smartphones use geolocation and we are not aware of them. We accept the terms when we download an application. We don’t care if you use data about our location or move to gain any benefit. We are referring to services that make a profit, not applications.

All of this depends on the individual. Privacy will be less restricted if there is more information and more data. It is crucial to be careful when sharing information with third parties, and to be clear about the extent of our exposure.

No problem if we want to activate localization for all its benefits and because it is beneficial to us. If we feel it is better not to be noticed, or if we don’t want to be geolocated for any reason, we can deactivate this option using a few easy steps.

This is how you can do it for iOS and Android.

How to disable Android’s geolocation

These steps will be helpful for Android-powered mobile devices.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Location or Location Service option.
  • Click on Location Information to deactivate this option.
  • Click on Location History to deactivate this option.

Geolocation will be disabled in a matter of minutes. If we decide to change our minds and activate it again, then we’ll need to go back to the same location.

How to disable geolocation in iOS

For all iPhones that run iOS, the procedure to deactivate geolocation on a mobile phone is the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Privacy
  • Select Location

Activate all location services. This will stop it from doing so on your entire phone or in the list of apps that appear. Those that pose a risk should also be deactivated.

In just a few seconds, our device will stop tracking our position.

Here are some useful tips

ISACA, an international, non-profit organization that specializes in new technologies, information systems and other related topics, recommends following a 5-step “roadmap”, or tips, to make informed use of geolocation services.

  • To see the information we share, you can read the mobile app contracts.
  • Geolocation should only be enabled when there are no potential risks.
  • Understanding that others can follow your current and past locations is important.
  • Before you post tagged photos to social media, think twice.

Learn technology, and adopt it for yourself and others

Geolocation is not always a bad thing, as users can locate places of interest near their location. This is an advantage that is extremely useful at times. It is all about using this advantage with common sense.


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