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How To Make Backup Copies On Android Phones

Recent articles have discussed the importance of having backup copies of all information stored on mobile devices. This is because sometimes the contents of equipment can be lost or damaged by viruses, malicious users, operating system failures or accident or carelessness. Backup copies are a way to recover the original information.

You don’t need to have a deep understanding of the world in order to make a backup. Next we’ll show you how to create backup copies for Android mobiles.

Backup of data

Because our device stores different types of content, such as installed apps, passwords and images, videos and games, backup copies should be made. First, we will show you how to create a backup of your terminal’s most basic data, including installed apps, passwords, and other settings. You will need to go to Settings->Backup and Restore to see if this option is enabled. From there, you can check four options:

Backup of data:

This will activate a copy of the app or a regular copy with every change made to our mobiles, as well WiFi passwords and other applications.

– Backup account

It will tell us which account the backups were made. The device can restore your saved data by connecting to the same account from another terminal.

– Automated restoration

This will activate all changes made, including uninstalling, installing, or updating applications.

Factory data reset

This will erase all data from your phone.

Google Synchronization

This will allow us to have a backup of all configurations and settings on our terminal. However, it does not contain content like calendars, mail, contacts or documents. To synchronize data and keep a backup, go to Settings -> Accounts->Google. Select your account. Next, a list of services will be displayed that allows us to select the ones we wish to sync.

We can sync elements, which means they have the same data on our device as those stored in the “cloud” via the various Google services. It is important to select Synchronize Calendar and Synchronize Contacts. We must also ensure that Gmail and Drive are synchronized if we use file and mail storage services in Google Cloud.

This page also offers the option to sync a variety of services, such as Google Play Books and Google Play Newsstand. If you are a user of these services, it is a good idea to activate thesynchronization.

To have an Android backup, you will only need to make a backup of your photos and videos.

Backup photos and backup videos

This is for all data except our photos and videos. You will need to activate a backup of this type by going to Settings -> Accounts->Google -> Google+-> Automatic Backup. You will see the option to create a backup once you have reached this page. It is a good idea to verify the configuration of the copy before you do it.

Backup storage

There will be two options for “Photo size”, where the photos will automatically be uploaded in full size. This will allow the photos to be uploaded in the original size and without any modifications or shortening. They will also be stored in our Google account’s storage space. Or, Standard size will be uploaded at a maximum of 2048 pixels. These photos will not be counted within our storage space.

– Backup configuration

This section allows you to choose when and how many copies you want. If you have a limited data plan, it is best to only make copies when there is WiFi available.

Additionally, if there is no excess battery in our mobile, we can indicate that the backup function is only activated when the device is plugged into the computer.

Game Backup

Cloud Save, an Android operating system feature that allows us to create a backup copy for our games. If we log in with our account, we can access the same state as when we left the game.

This feature is relatively new and few games have it. Multiplatform is another advantage. If the game allows us to play on multiple platforms, such as an iPad, PC, or Mac with a different operating system than iOS, the game will continue exactly where we left it on our phone.


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