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How To Make Backup Copies On iOS Mobiles

If we want to backup our Apple phone, we need to first decide if iCloud is better than the iTunes program for PC.

There is no one answer and sometimes it is best to use both. However, the simplicity of configuring copies in iCloud, total automation of the copying process, and the accessibility of the system that lets you do this without a desktop computer make this type a preferred solution.

Sometimes, we might need to supplement the iCloud solution by downloading a copy from the iTunes desktop program. This is necessary to ensure that content on the mobile device is synchronized via iTunes. However, it does not come from iTunes Store purchases. If the number of photos on your mobile exceeds the storage space of iCloud, and you don’t want to increase it by purchasing more space, this option would be required.

This article will show you how to create backup copies of iOS mobiles on Apple smartphones and tablets through iCloud. In a subsequent article, we’ll discuss the backup process with iTunes.

Before you explain what iCloud is, let me remind you that files stored on your computer are stored on a number of servers that can be accessed via the Internet. These files are our responsibility as members of our teams. However, in the cloud, this responsibility is shared with the company providing the service, according to the terms and conditions.

What is iCloud?

Google also has OpenDrive. Or, we can find independent cloud storage systems such as Dropbox. iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage, is similar to Microsoft’s.

Apple recently launched this service that gives users storage space to store all types of content. This includes photos, music and calendars. Signing up for the service gives you 5GB of storage space to create backup copies. However, content purchased through Apple’s stores cannot be removed from this space.

Apple currently offers annual space purchase plans starting at $16 per year for 10GB and up to $80 per year for 50GB. This information can be found in your iCloud account details.

How do I sign up for iCloud

You can sign up for iCloud when you purchase an Apple tablet or mobile phone. Follow the setup wizard instructions. You can also configure iCloud by activating your device. To configure it, we will need to access Settings> iCloud.

Information about iCloud can be found on the Apple website.

How do I activate iCloud Backup?

Backup in iCloud can be done quickly and automatically, making it the best choice for those who need to have reliable copies of their data in the cloud.

It will be activated by going to “Settings> iCloud> Storage” and activating “Copy to iCloud”. Click “Make backup now” to make the backup. This option won’t work if you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi. Backup copies can only be made if you have an active connection to a wireless network.

You can choose the elements you want to copy by going to Settings> iCloud> Storage & copy. At this point, in addition to activating copy, we also find the storage space. This indicates both the total storage (remember that they are only 5 GB) and the available. Click on “Manage storage” and once again on the icon of your iPhone.

Backup options

The Information screen shows the date and the size of the latest copy. It also indicates how much space is available at the bottom.

This screen also contains the copy options. Here, each application will show us whether or not our backup has been activated. Clicking the “Show all Applications” option will display all of the applications we have installed, along with their “weight”, in our backup.

If space is a problem, you can deactivate the Reel option to copy images and choose another backup.

Future articles will cover the various photo backup options available, whether they are via external hard drives or cloud-based services.


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