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How To Protect Information On Your Mobile Device

The vast majority of people have a smartphone or other mobile device. It doesn’t matter if it is a simple phone or a more advanced device like smartphones, it has become an everyday object for many. We will show you how to make your mobile more secure and prevent any potential problems if someone steals your data.

Prevention is the best method. Blocking the terminal will stop third parties from accessing the information stored on your mobile. This will reduce the economic costs of telephony.

To prevent anyone from accessing your device, the first and most important advice is to keep it under control. It is very easy for thieves to steal or take over it. We will now discuss technical details that can be used to protect your internal memory. Because information on external cards (SD Cards in mobile phones with Android systems, especially) can be extracted directly from the terminal, it is not protected.

We will soon publish an article on how to secure these backup copies and memory cards.

SIM card lock. Activate the SIM card lock and keep the PIN in a safe location

To protect mobile devices from unauthorized use, they are equipped with different security codes. These codes are called PIN or PUK. The 4-digit personal identification number (PIN) is what allows us unlock the SIM card and allows us to perform all types of operations on our device. You can find the original PIN in the documentation provided by your operator. It can also be modified by you. You must ensure that the original PIN is changed for one you prefer, in order to avoid forgetting it.

These steps will be performed on Android devices.

There are two options in the “SIM card lock section: “Lock SIM card” or “Change SIM card pin”. The first must be activated with the green tick. Otherwise, the PIN will not function properly. The second option allows us to change the pin for a new one.

If you own an Apple iPhone:
You will find the SIM PIN section in the phone settings. This option must be activated in order for the card PIN function. You can change your current PIN by clicking “Change PIN”.

It is possible that, despite having chosen a PIN, we forget to enter it. The device will prompt you to enter your PUK if the PIN is entered incorrectly three times. The PUK is an 8-digit number that can be used to unlock the device after it has been blocked by incorrect PIN code entries. The original documentation of your SIM card will also contain the PUK. It cannot be changed, however, like the PIN. Therefore, it should always be kept safe. If you are unable to locate the code, you can contact your mobile operator.

Mobile device lock. Pattern, PIN or password

The PIN and the PUK codes can be used to unlock the SIM card on our phone. This allows us to make calls, surf the Internet, send messages, etc. The PIN helps us avoid financial loss, identity theft, and other types of information theft.

To protect the contents of the mobile, we can also use our device to perform other security actions. This includes blocking the terminal when it’s not being used (only Android devices), a pattern or another PIN (in these cases not the SIM card but the device’s PIN).

For Android mobiles, you will need to do the following in order to activate any of the three blocking options:

You can select the lock you prefer once you are inside “Screen lock”, except that of “Scrolling”, which is not considered to be a lock. The pattern option requires you to indicate a sequence or links of dots. The PIN asks for a number of numbers at least four figures. The password option allows you to choose from letters, numbers, and characters. The password’s strength is determined by the combination chosen. It is therefore important to choose a password that is hard to guess for others.

An iPhone does not allow you to choose a pattern. Instead, it allows you to activate a password or numeric code. These are the steps:

As we’ve said, it is possible to forget passwords or codes, regardless of whether you are an Android or Apple user. There are solutions to this problem that we will discuss in future articles. You should secure your device using the SIM card PIN or the various phone lock modes we just showed you.


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