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Minors On The Internet The Importance Of Parental Control

Have you ever seen a child use a tablet or smartphone? Do you think you’ve thought, “You have to see, if that man knows it better than I?” It’s funny to see our children learn how to use a smartphone or YouTube to find their favorite drawings.

This is a common occurrence in today’s society, and not surprising given the technological revolution. All these devices are becoming more simple and accessible to everyone, and children have greater access to a variety of electronic devices. In many cases, their parents can also use the Internet to teach them how to use them.

We must remember that although the internet can give them very useful tools for training or studying, it can also pose dangers. The problem is that there is an infinite amount of content on the Internet, and many of these are inappropriate for minors.

Parents should be aware of how important it is to supervise and direct their children’s use and guidance on new technology.

Parents have many options and tools to help them in this situation.

What functionalities do parental control systems incorporate?

The majority of parental control applications or tools work in the same way. They may also include features like these:

Supervision and Web Control: This is the most important function of parental control systems. It allows parents to check the most visited websites of their children as well as to create a “black list”, which is a list of websites you wish to restrict access to.

Activity reports: These reports can be used to establish periodic reports about the behavior and activity of minors using the device.

Parents can block applications or programs: This option allows parents to decide that minors cannot access certain applications or social networks (e.g., messaging apps …).). They can also establish that a password is required to execute the program.

Establishment of a “safe Zone”: This functionality allows you to create a zone of security that only the minor can see, and protect other areas of the device, such as information that is not appropriate for the child.

Call blocking: Most tools allow minors to use the tool to prevent them from receiving or making calls from certain numbers. This is useful if you need to limit international calls or call from unknown numbers.

The denial of activities that require an economic outlay: This allows you to prohibit the downloading of paid apps or the making of any kind of purchase via the Internet. This option also allows you to limit the number of calls and messages that children can send.

This functionality allows you limit and control the time that the minor uses your device. You can program your schedules for every day of the week with many tools. For example, you can set that the session will end automatically if the time limit has been reached.

Geolocation: This feature lets you know where your child is located if they are away from home.

Remote control via a mobile phone/computer: Finally, many parental control tools offer this feature. We can now control all variables from our mobile phones or computers.

Many parental control tools are compatible with Android and Windows. Some of the most popular include Qustodio, Norton Family, KidLogger, KidLogger, KidLogger, KidLogger, or K9 Web Security.

You can find out more about any of these by visiting the Internet User Safety Office’s (OSI) list. This space is dependent on the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda and provides support and information to help prevent and solve security issues that might arise while browsing the Internet.


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