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Protect Your Ears with Earplugs for Sleeping and Noise

Have you ever stopped to think how many noises you hear throughout the day? If you want, you can try it now. Remember all the situations you experience and almost certainly, in most of them, there will be a characteristic sound. It is normal and in some cases these noises also make us smile or announce something positive. Now, in the hours of sleep, the rules are different and nothing should hinder your rest, and this is the main reason why ear plugs for sleeping are your best allies, so you should make a habit to use them every night.

In this article we talk about what they bring you and we present some models so that you can decide which is the best option for you. We also take the opportunity to recommend some very practical tips that facilitate your rest. Don’t miss them!

Sleeping plugs: listen to your body if it asks you to rest

We recently told you about the importance it has for someone who is dedicated to the world of music to protect the ears. The reason was very simple: continued exposure to excessive noise levels can end up causing irreversible hearing problems. The truth is that this group of people is not the only one that faces these problems, as many workers, especially in the industrial and construction sectors, work with very high constant noise.

A very loud noise, above 140 decibels (dB), can rupture the eardrum, even for a short duration. Imagine the consequences if it continues over time for your hearing health.

Relatedly, noise can affect the quality of our sleep, which can also have a direct impact on our health. Approximately 30% of the world’s population sleeps less than is advisable, and noise is, on many occasions, the source of this problem.

The solution to both problems can be the same: use ear plugs.

What are the sleeping plugs like?

Do you live in a neighborhood where cars, buses, and cleaning trucks go by nonstop at night? Is your house next to a train track or highway? Could your partner’s snoring wake up a bear in hibernation?

Believe it or not, these situations are very common, and directly affect the quality of your sleep, but the good news is that with some sleeping plugs you could find the solution.

Earplugs specially made for this purpose are usually soft and made of flexible materials, as long as they do not irritate your ears and are comfortable to wear. There are several types, although in general we can talk about generic plugs and custom plugs.

Generic plugs, as a general rule, do not attenuate as much power as custom ones; It is estimated that they can reduce the noise we perceive by about 25 dB. In addition, it must be taken into account that they are not usually very reusable, and must be replaced after a few uses. There is, of course, a variety of generic reusable plugs, made with soft plastic or silicone materials.

Custom – made plugs can be made by a hearing health professional or at your trusted hearing center. Basically, they will make a mold in the shape of your ear so they can create perfectly tailored plugs for you. In addition, these plugs tend to offer greater sound attenuation, up to 40 dB.

Sleep without noise thanks to the earplugs

As we said before, any constant sound of 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. In many work environments, this sound power is far exceeded; for example, at an airport.

It goes without saying that the use of hearing protection is mandatory in factories with machines working at full power, on construction sites where especially noisy tools are used, in the motor world or even military personnel using firearms.

We find several models of plugs depending on your needs. Custom-made earplugs are again the best option in terms of performance, although in various work environments we can find earmuffs, for those who have a habit of using a plug, but also because they offer quite high protection.

Whatever the situation, we cannot stop recommending that you protect your ears.

5 tips to help you sleep better

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 40% of the world’s population suffers from some type of sleep disorder. Not all cases are related to noise, as there are other ailments that influence rest, but we want to help you to ensure that the moment you go to bed is just as you imagine it.

Therefore, in addition to offering you the best earplugs for sleeping, we have compiled 5 tips that you can incorporate into your sleep routine. They do not involve any effort and you can gain a lot in return.

  • Try going to bed with mobile devices turned off or away from the bedroom. The blue light they emit inhibits the production of melatonin the hormone related to sleep.
  • Establish a rest schedule, so that you always go to bed and get up at the same time.
  • If you exercise at night, try to change the schedule and practice it at other times of the day. This reduces the level of stress and improves the quality of sleep.
  • What you can do before going to sleep is stretching or breathing exercises, slow and controlled, that do not require much effort.
  • Did you know that temperature also affects sleep? Knowing that high temperatures are associated with insomnia, find appropriate pajamas for each time of the year and make sure your room is ventilated before going to bed.


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