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Track Online Reputation With Google Alerts

With the advent of tablets and smart phones, social media has become so popular that the information available is beyond what we used to call “news”. Not only do we have access to the broadcast news, but we also know almost instantly what viewers and readers comment on those same news and events.

We must also add that social media, portable media, and comments in newspapers and blogs all make us potential “journalists.” This means that anyone who is exposed to public opinion through his work or other activities must be aware of and as much as possible control what is published about him online.

Online reputation is the amount of prestige that a brand, person, business, or institution has achieved through comments posted in forums, blogs, or social media. We cannot control it, but it is possible to know it and follow it to reduce the negative effects of biased, partial, or false information on our company’s reputation or personal image.

A relatively simple way to start with the monitoring of our online reputation is to use the Alerts service that Google makes available to us on the Web http://www.google.es/alerts . Google alerts are emails that Google sends you when it finds new results (for instance, news or web pages). You have searched for the words.

You can choose the words you want Google to crawl in order to notify you when new content is discovered. You can also choose the “Type of result” option to get alerts for all content types or just news, forums, blogs or video formats.

We will receive the notices to the email address we have provided in the form. You can choose whether you want them to be sent at the same time as they happen, once per day or once per week. These notices will only be sent if there is new content. Google will not send anything if the new content does not appear within its index. It also lets us indicate whether we want all results or just those Google considers relevant.

Google Alerts are a great way to start to pay attention to our online reputation, as well as the reputation of our brands and companies. This is how you can start to monitor your online reputation.


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